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We run everyday marketing activities for you, allowing your marketing organization to focus on business critical priorities.

Giving your business an agile approach of powering up when opportunities arise and powering down during lean times. Intuitively managing marketing costs aligned with business sentiment.


Our Services

Consider Tapdance Digital an extension to your marketing team.

Digital Marketing Strategy
  • We start by defining the role of digital in your marketing plan.
  • Charter an approach where digital marketing is set up to achieve business outcomes.
Social Media Marketing
  • Through social media listening and analysis, we understand what customers are saying about your brand, your competitors and the category.
  • We pick up real conversations, customer expectations and observe competitor activity.
  • Analysis of this brand relevant social chatter, informs and guides our strategic inputs.
Influencer Marketing
  • We encourage an 'Always on' approach to Influencer Marketing.
  • Driving high performance at lower costs is imperative for this.
  • Our Influencer Marketplace allows for brands to interact freely with influencers and benefit by incentivizing performance driven outcomes.
Content Marketing
  • Landing the right content is important for striking the right conversations online.
  • Understanding the context of existing customer pain points becomes a stimulus to develop the right content.
  • Content that is in the moment and is contextually relevant has a higher chance of garnering response.
Paid Media
  • We don’t plan Paid media investments in isolation.
  • Paid media strategy is calibrated keeping in mind your organization’s affiliate marketing activities, influencer marketing and the brand’s organic traction across digital platforms.
  • We are skilled at LinkedIn marketing, Facebook and Instagram, Youtube and can run your search engine marketing campaigns.
Affiliate Marketing
  • From identifying the right affiliate marketing partners to nurturing mutually beneficial relationships, Tapdance Digital can design and power your entire affiliate marketing program.
  • We see affiliate marketing through the dual lenses of both reach and conversion.
  • Our team of experts believe that well run affiliate marketing programs can go on to become sustainable competitive advantages.

Influencer Marketing


The existing model of influencer marketing is creating little value for brands. It alienates brands from a very significant part of the influencer ecosystem- nano, micro and peer level influencers.

Influencer marketing cannot be restricted to a once or twice a year phenomenon. It must adopt an 'Always on' approach.

Being 'Always on' and yet keeping costs low needs a differentiated approach.

Tapdance Digital’s Influencer Marketplace helps your marketing team achieve just that.

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